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  1. Godspeed definition is - a prosperous journey: success. How to use Godspeed in a sentence.
  2. Godspeed definition, good fortune; success (used as a wish to a person starting on a journey, a new venture, etc.). See more.
  3. Godspeed synonyms, Godspeed pronunciation, Godspeed translation, English dictionary definition of Godspeed. interj. Used to wish someone success or good fortune, as on a journey. interj, n an expression of one's good wishes for a person's success and safety n.
  4. godspeed definition: 1. used to wish someone good luck when they are setting out on a journey: 2. used to wish someone. Learn more.
  5. Essentially, the phrase godspeed holds the intention of a personal blessing. It is a somewhat old-fashioned saying often used sarcastically or in a humorous fashion, yet genuine earnest and/or true concern can also be one's meaning when using this expression. The intent is to convey hope or desire for another person to successfully accomplish or complete a difficult task, mission, or .
  6. Aug 09,  · "Godspeed" in the Bible. According to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, god'-sped is found in the Bible: "Godspeed" occurs only in 2 John ,11 the King James Version as the translation of chairein, the infinitive of chairo, and is rendered in the Revised Version (British and American) "greeting."It means "rejoice," "be of good cheer," "be it .
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  8. GODSPEED was shot in three days, in three villages, by three friends. What began as a five minute video ended as a half-hour portrait of the people and places who had taught Matt to repent & rest. None of this would have happened had not Matt's brother Brian hopped on a plane with his friend Danny of The Ranch Studios, the week that Matt and.
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